The Pony Experience

Kelsey Lesh, head trainer at Robinson Equestrian, specializes in preparing horses and riders to compete in the hunter/jumper arenas as well as services those who wish to learn how to trail ride in western tack. Her training focuses on relationship building between horse and rider as well as teaching her students to be smart and safe around horses. Working from the ground up, her students build confidence and skills that will carry them in any direction they wish to go.

Robinson Equestrian offers lessons on both our school horses or your own horse. Beginners start on the ground and learn the basics of grooming, tacking up, and basic horse care in conjunction with their time in the saddle. Lessons start for children 5 years of age and up. Adults of all skill level are welcome as well! 

Standalone Lessons – Standalone lesson prices are for those who are just starting to ride or cannot commit to a set day and time for a lesson each week. Lessons are paid for at the beginning of each lesson.

  • Private Lesson, Our Horse: $50
  • Private Lesson, Your Horse: $45
  • Semi-Private Lesson, Our Horse: $40
  • Semi-Private Lesson, Your Horse: $35

Lesson Packages – Lesson packages are available for those who wish to have a set lesson day and time each week. Packages are paid for at the beginning of the month. Lesson packages include 4 lessons a month. If your set day of the week happens to allow for a fifth lesson that month, you get the fifth lesson for free!

  • Month of Private Lessons, Our Horse: $160
  • Month of Private Lessons, Your Horse: $140
  • Month of Semi-Private Lessons, Our Horse: $140
  • Month of Semi-Private Lessons, Your Horse: $120

Is there a small child in your life who says that they love horses but you just aren't sure? Do you want a way to "try it out" before investing the money in the equipment and lessons? The pony experience is just what you need! 

The pony experience is a 2 hour block of time where children can come to the barn and learn to brush a horse, the basics of tacking up a horse, get a short pony ride, and also get to learn about other horse care such as cleaning a stall. Cost is $125 and can accommodate up to three children. Suitable for children age 2-7. This makes a great birthday or holiday present! 

Pony experiences are by appointment only and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advanced. Gift certificates available! These can be held all year round and in any weather since we have an indoor ring!

Working Student​s


At Robinson Equestrian we believe that in order to be well-rounded equestrians students must learn all aspects of horse care, including stall cleaning. For this reason, we allow students to work off part of their lessons, lease, or board by cleaning stalls. Students commit to a certain day to clean stalls each week and are responsible for removal of manure, cleaning and refilling water buckets, and adding additional sawdust as needed. Students of all ages may clean stalls but those under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 

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