​                                                 January 6, February 3, March 25

                                                   $10 Per Class Pre Entry ($15 Per Class Day of Show)

                                                                             Start Time: 9am

                                        Diamond 7 Ranch and Arena: 36 Deardorff Road, Dillsburg PA 17019

Short Stirrup (13 and under)

1.                  Short Stirrup Walk Trot

2.                  Short Stirrup Walk Trot Canter

3.                  Short Stirrup 4 Crossrails (may trot or canter)

4.                  Short Stirrup 4 Crossrails (may trot or canter)

Long Stirrup (14 and over, no professionals)

5.                  Long Stirrup Walk Trot

6.                  Long Stirrup Walk Trot Canter

7.                  Long Stirrup 4 Crossrails (may trot or canter)

8.                  Long Stirrup 4 Crossrails (may trot or canter)

Crossrail Hunter (Open to any age rider, trotting is permitted, horse/rider combination may not cross enter into any other jumping classes/divisions)

9.                  Crossrail Hunter (4 crossrails)

10.              Crossrail Hunter (8 crossrails)

11.              Crossrail Hunter (8 crossrails)

12.              Crossrail Under Saddle

Modified Hunter (18” Fences, no oxers, simple lead changes acceptable)

13.              Modified Hunter (4 Fences)

14.              Modified Hunter (8 Fences)

15.              Modified Hunter (8 Fences)

16.              Modified Hunter Under Saddle

Pony Hunter (2’ or 2’6” Rider’s Choice)

17.              Pony Hunter Over Fences

18.              Pony Hunter Over Fences

19.              Pony Hunter Over Fences

20.              Pony Hunter Under Saddle

Hunter Horse (2’6” or 3’ Rider’s Choice)

21.              Hunter Horse Over Fences

22.              Hunter Horse Over Fences

23.              Hunter Horse Over Fences

24.              Hunter Horse Under Saddle

****Lunch Break**** Open Schooling after fence adjustments



Beginner Mount (Horses in their first two years of showing and has not won more than 3 blue ribbons. Adults may ride ponies)

25.              Beginner Mount Walk Trot

26.              Beginner Mount Walk Trot Canter

27.              Beginner Mount Poles (trot over 4 poles)

28.              Beginner Mount Crossrail (2 crossrails)

Pleasure Horse/Pony (Adults may ride ponies)

29.              Pleasure Walk Trot

30.              Pleasure Walk Trot

31.              Pleasure Walk Trot Canter

32.              Pleasure Walk Trot Canter

Leadline (may not show in any other divisions/classes, all ages)

33.              Leadline Walk

34.              Leadline Walk Trot

35.              Off Lead Line (along with trainer)

Beginner Rider Walk Trot Equitation (riders may not cross enter into any canter classes, riders must be under 18 years old)

36.              Walk Trot (Trainers May Stand in Ring)

37.              Walk Trot

38.              Walk Trot Figure 8 (will be asked to trot figure 8 individually)

39.              Walk Trot Poles (will be asked to trot 4 poles individually)

Beginner Adult Rider Equitation (Adults may ride ponies, rider may not cross enter into any jumping classes, riders must be 18+ years old)

40.              Beginner Adult Equitation Walk Trot

41.              Beginner Adult Equitation Walk Trot Canter (Canter Individually)

42.              Beginner Adult Equitation Walk Trot Figure 8 (will be asked to trot figure 8 individually)

43.              Beginner Adult Equitation Poles (Canter 4 poles)

Please email pre-entries to Kelsey Lesh at robinsonequestrian11@gmail.com

Memo: Show Pre-Entry [Date]

Show Rules and information:

  1. All Pre-Entries must be received at least 7 days prior to show date. No exceptions.
  2. Ribbons to 6th place. Champion and Reserve awarded to all divisions. Ties will be broken by points over fences or by the most difficult class.
  3. Negative Coggins required within one year.
  4. Schooling From 7:45-8:45 and during lunch break
  5. Food will be available in the kitchen.
  6. All entrants must sign a release of liability before showing. Any rider under 18 must have a parent sign. Warning - In accordance with PA Act #93 of 2005 you assume the risk of Equine Activities Pursuant to Pennsylvania Law. The hosting farm, its owners, employees, or volunteers and the show, its officials, volunteers, or employees will not be responsible for any accident, injury, loss, or theft which occurs at the show or on the grounds.
  7. ASTM/SEI approved helmets and proper footwear must be worn at all times while mounted.
  8. Show management reserves the right to cancel or combine any class/division.
  9. For show purposes the age of the rider is as of January 1, 2018
  10. Casual show attire. Jackets are not required. Polos and nice looking half chaps are acceptable.
  11. No stallions allowed on the show premises.
  12. All fence heights are approximate.
  13. Dangerous or unsportsmanlike conduct in the schooling ring, during breaks, or while competing, AND/OR lack of soundness or condition is cause for dismissal from the class or show at the discretion of the judge and/or the show management.
  14. Scratches for a refund must be done before the class begins.
  15. All dogs on the show grounds must be on a leash no longer then 6ft. Show management reserves the right to have the dog removed from the show grounds for any reason.
  16. A $15 grounds fee will be charged for each horse at the show. 

2018 Hunter Schooling Show Series at Diamond 7!

Stalls available for rent! 

Day Stalls: $30 per stall, 1 bag shavings included

Overnight Stalls: $40 per stall, 2 bags shavings included

Write your stall reservation on your entry form.

Robinson Equestrian LLC